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What makes a Better Fit?

Putting You in Control

Hey, Can We Get Your Numbers?

How to Measure Yourself for a Better Fit in Under 10 Minutes

Her + Her Experience

Made to Measure to fit you better

  1. Find products you like and add them to the Cart
  2. Go to your Cart and hit “Fit & Checkout”
  3. Personalize your custom Fit Profile with your unique measurements. (If you get stuck measuring at home, use our awesome resources [anchor link to resources below]! We promise, it’s easier than it seems.)
  4. We lovingly stitch together your one-of-a kind clothing.
  5. Your rad new clothes appear on your doorstep in [3-4 (what’s the actual amount of time?)] weeks.
  6. We think you’ll love your new threads and wear them everywhere! But if not, you can send your items back to us. [Pick one based on policy: No cost to you! | And you’ll get a full refund. | We’ll try again until we nail it!]
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